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October 29, 2011

I Am in Love!

Her name is Cécile. French, of course. I say “of course” because I can’t imagine her being anything else. Who else but a mademoiselle would have such élan , such feeling, such passion.

I met her online. Admittedly a dicey proposition.  But, mon dieu, if you could only see and hear her…mostly hear her. Where has she been all these years? Why did our paths never cross before?

True, she’s a few years older than me. Maybe  more than a few years. But what does that matter when two spirits join as one? When love lifts one up on his wings of song–or waltz in our case, à propos, oh so à propos –we move as one.

Others may be smarter, more glib. Others may deserve the spotlight they so dearly cherish. But are they as kind as ma chère  Cecile? So understanding of my  limitations? So willing to forgive? Or…so responsive to my touch?

Yes, there, I’ve said it. Ours is not just an abstract, “virtual” relationship. I love her in the full musical sense. I love her completely, entière . We have become one as only true lovers can. I become her and, I truly believe, she has become me.

And yet, all we have had so far is this one assignation, this “Valse Tendre,”– tendre like you, mon petit chou.   How much bliss still lies ahead for us? Will the gods not grow jealous of our ecstasy? Eh bien, it matters not, my dear Mademoiselle Chaminade. Nothing but our love matters now. Nothing can come between us. Not even the century of difference in our ages. What matters age, or time itself, for that matter? Now that we have found each other, nothing shall ever part us!