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December 9, 2011

Chopin Documentary – The Women Behind The Music

A BBC film about the influence of opera, especially bel canto, on Chopin’s music. He was apparently enthralled by the great female vocalists of his day, and was perhaps in love with more than one of them. In any case, the documentary makes a good argument that he sought to incorporate that type of singing into his piano music.

The film is a bit too long, perhaps, and at times sentimental. After all, it’s the music that counts, not whether Chopin did or did not have a romance with the Swedish singer Jenny Lind.

The young pianist chosen to usher us through Chopin’s life does a creditable job but is no match for the deep understanding that informs the performances of a Yulianna Avdeeva. Likewise for the young singer who demonstrates the relevant vocal pieces.

Worth a watch, though, especially if, like myself, you already hear that singing quality in Chopin.