The Composer Kaija Saariaho on Sexism in Classical Music

saariahoKaija Saariaho’s speech at the McGill University


2 Comments to “The Composer Kaija Saariaho on Sexism in Classical Music”

  1. An Interesting set of comments follows speech.on the web. I’m inclined to think we still have a long way to go. But I think many women do not appreciate that we all need to adjust our thinking – men and women. In part, I think women often find it far more complicated to take a different stance from that of their spouse and the father of their children. It’s a lot more complicated than men disagreeing with their wives and mother of their children. In some cultures, it is mpossible to take a stand without great personal risk to one’s physical safety.

  2. I agree. And the prejudice that women somehow are less artistic than men, though ridiculous, prevails even among the so-called educated. Ironically, because I listen mostly to women pianists nowadays and find their male counterparts lacking in expression.

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